• fenris aligning with companies who value their staff

    Aligning With Companies
    Who Value Their Staff.

  • fenris optimising your professional well-being

    Optimising Your
    Professional Well-Being.

  • fenris placing candidates into their ideal careers

    Placing Candidates into
    Their Ideal Careers.

  • fenris your preferred specialist supplier of quality candidates

    Your Preferred Specialist
    Supplier of Quality Candidates.

Why Use a Recruitment Agency

Why should you form a business relationship with Fenris Personnel as your preferred specialist recruitment agency?

We have valuable industry experience and invest our time into understanding your business in order to identify the best candidates for your organisation. We have formulated an effective recruitment solution that can be tailored to your business needs to ensure the following:

  • Assistance with current market values in order to interest the best candidates
  • Access to wider nets of targeted career seekers
  • Significant time-savings by interviewing only the top candidates
  • Protecting your investment through a rebate system
  • Comprehensive advice regarding employment law

Why Should I Pay the Recruitment Fee?  

Most organisations are reluctant to invest in the services of a good recruitment agency because they perceive the associated placement fees to be too high. We understand that you’d like to fill vacancies as quickly as possible at the lowest possible cost, but we also know that you need to hire new employees who make a positive impact and improve the department.

What you are paying for in the recruitment fee is the finely-tuned expertise that each recruitment consultant invests into isolating the top candidates who fit your vacancy profile, in the shortest time possible.

Our recruitment consultants handle the entire recruitment and administrative process, from advertising the vacancy and filtering countless applications, to conducting the necessary pre-employment checks on request. We conduct a screening interview and create a shortlist to send to the client as per the brief of each client in order to ensure that we supply you with the best candidate who is going to add value to your organisation.

The fee that we charge is a fraction of the value that the candidates who we place bring to your company in their time at your organisation.
We are confident that you will value the impact that the Fenris Personnel candidates have made to your organisation, rather than the cost involved in recruitment process.

Enquire about partnering with Fenris Personnel to be your preferred specialist supplier of exceptional candidates here.


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